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Incentive activities

Sofia is an ideal destination for meeting and incentive programs. Its guests can take advantage of the destination’s modern facilities that are complemented by the local hospitality.

This six-seater cabin is the longest in the country and leads up to the Aleko ski resort at 6270. The trip to the top lasts about 30 minutes. You can jump off at some of the junctions from where hiking trails lead into the park, and then continue the trip later on.


The territory of the mountain includes Vitosha nature park that encompasses the best known and most frequently visited parts. The foothills of Vitosha shelter resort quarters of Sofia and Knyazhevo quarter which has mineral springs. There are so many paths from which one can choose to hike. Not only that, you will have the chance to see Sofia from above as well.

Cable car in Vitosha Nature Park

 Duration 5 – 8 hrs        Available all year 

Become a part of the extreme off-road tour through the Northern part of Vitosha.

The route starts from the Golden Bridges – the largest stone river out here situated in the valley of Vladayska river. Then pass through the ski slope of Vetrovala and Ostrica-Selimitsa chalet.

We can organize a horse or a bike ride upon request. From then on a 90-minute Off-road jeep safari to the village Chuipetliovo situated at elevation 1,225m near the head of Struma River valley. The trip goes on with another 20 minutes jeep ride for 2 hours of barbeque and relaxation.

One day off-road excursion

 Duration 6-7 hrs   

 Available from early spring to late fall

A dog-sled tour through the expanses of the mountain is a unique experience and demands the sustainable cohesion from your team in a special way.

You'll form a close connection with the animals, nature, and your teammates on a Husky tour in Vitosha.

What better incentive could there be for your employees?

Dog Sled

 Duration 1-2 hrs        Available winter only

Аt the beautiful lake of Pancharevo, you can ride a kayak, a different sport, not so massive but exciting enough. Тhe best thing is you don’t need any previous experience, just more enthusiasm, sports team and good mood.

The boats are specially selected for beginner paddlers and are difficult to turn. In addition to the Pancharevo Lake, a day trip with kayaks on Iskar Dam could also be organized.

Kayaking is now easy and affordable, an activity you can relax after work with colleagues or have fun with the whole team on weekends.


 Duration 2-4 hrs   

 Available from April to November

Shooting activities can take the form of traditional country pursuits, an action-packed military-themed day, or just as a break from a conference or part of an activity day. 

From Clay Pigeon Shooting to Sniper Training, we can help you put together a shoot to thrill day.

We can offer you and your team:  indoor shooting range with 25m shooting distance; four corridors for shooting; equipped ground for shooting from distance, close shooting and combat training.

In the shooting range, you can find a wide arsenal of ammunition and weapons.  

Extreme target shooting

 Duration 2 hrs               Available all year

In case you and your team are into karting – let us bring to your attention the largest indoor and modern karting track in Bulgaria. The cards are the latest model of Sodikart France 2015. They have four-point seat belts and the highest level of security. The track is located at 7000 sq.m. and is 620m long. and is 7.6m wide and the grip is perfect thanks to the special flooring.

Team races encourage people to work cooperatively, and bond together over their tragedy or triumph.

This activity can also be perfectly combined with a city tour in Sofia


 Duration 2 hrs               Available all year

The quad biking area in Sofia is not at all from the city centre. There are 7 quads available that can be driven by one or two persons per quad. The activity could be organized for beginners, as a normal speed trip or high-speed trip, extreme riding. ATVs or buggy trip could also be scheduled upon request. There is an option to have a BBQ in the woods upon demand.

Quad Biking

 Duration 2-6 hrs               

 Available from April to November

Fat bike ride in Vitosha

Wondering what are ‘fat’ bikes?– those ones with big tires that can carry you through any terrain and are especially suited to snow, mud and even sand.  Winter is definitely the best season try this out. Now, however, you can do it not just anywhere but Vitosha.

Our team can organize passing rides along the eco-trail Bistritsa - Zheleznitsa. Everything about the ride will be provided for you including transport from Sofia to the starting point of the transition and back, escort with a mountain guide. 

The activity can be booked on any day of the week in either of the two-hour ranges: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm or 13:30 pm to 5:00 pm for a group of up to four people.

 Duration 3 hrs         Available winter only


Snowmobiling in the heart of Vitosha is a way to celebrate your corporate team and invite your whole staff to a once in a lifetime experience. 

We offer customized itineraries for your corporate group retreat. We’re flexible and can make your group tour just exactly how it will fit within your ideas and schedules. If you’re looking for a private, corporate tour out in the snow with us, please give us a call or send an email to make all of your arrangements.

 Duration 1 hrs         Available winter only

Paintball activities

Here, in Sofia, we can offer a large range of non-standard paintball playgrounds such as an urban Battlefield Sofia - the largest one in Bulgaria. Situated on 6500 sq.m. and currently suitable for groups of up to 50 people.  In case you prefer nature, fresh air and vegetation – your game can be organized outdoors. Different woodlands according to the weather conditions can be used. Other options we offer include night paintball, scenario battles and paintball tournaments.

 Duration 3 hrs               Available all year

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